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I’m not that familiar with sepulchers.  In fact, I had to look up how to spell sepulcher.  Never as I have worked with people on their end of life plans has anyone ever requested a sepulcher.  

But I am familiar with Breyer’s Ice Cream.  Breyer’s and I have had a relationship for many years.  It is always a good day when I go to the grocery and find Breyer’s BOGO!  It is an even better day when I find a new Breyer’s flavor like chocolate and peanut butter.  If there had been a chocolate and peanut butter tree in the garden of Eden, I would have been kicked out as well.

So I opened my new Breyer’s chocolate and peanut butter carton (no longer a half gallon…we almost got a divorce over that one Mr. Breyer!) last evening.  My anticipation was exceedingly high.  A good football game on TV and a perfect serving of my favorite flavors.  Life is good.

And then it wasn’t.  As I dug through the carton of Breyer’s chocolate and peanut butter I found only chocolate.  I checked the lid.  Sure enough, “chocolate and peanut butter.”  I checked the side of the carton.  There it was again, “chocolate and peanut butter.”  But inside, only chocolate.  

In my disappointment, Matthew 23:27 came to mind.  Matthew 23:27 is all about false advertising.  Jesus, speaking to the overtly religious of his day, said, “Woe to you!!!”  That’s never something one wants to hear from the Son of God.  “Woe to you for looking so good on the outside, like a whitewashed sepulcher, when inside you are rotten and impure.”  In other words, what you profess is not in your heart.  

We may not be overtly religious.  After all, that is frowned upon these days.  But we still profess to be followers of Jesus.  We call ourselves Christians.  In the right gathering, we may even act like Christians.  And yet, if our Christianity is not more than skin deep, then woe to us.  Either we are all in or we are not in at all.  It’s time we stopped trying to walk both sides of the line.  It’s time we stopped the false advertising.

Jesus said great sorrow awaits those without the peanut butter inside…or something like that.  Regardless, we know what he meant.  Sorrow for us and sorrow for those who are watching us.  Surely, it’s time to be the whole package.