Rushton’s Hope:  A mission to the homeless and distressed in Griffin, GA.

…As the temps continue to rise this summer, so does the demand for needs! In past weeks our Bounty of Hope Benevolence has been non-stop. Every time we see one family for assistance three more are waiting. Furthermore, these are not just families of 2 to 4, but we have seen families of 7 & 8! In other words, it has been overwhelming!!!

The B Family is a good family going through bad times. They are a hard-working family of 9 that only ask for assistance if there’s no other way. They are always grateful and respectful of whatever we assist them with. Also, the kids are very well disciplined. The dad recently lost his job and is working wherever he can to pay the bills. With funds so tight, and very limited food stamps, they are doing their best to feed the kids for the summer who normally receive lunch at school. They have sold all they can, in addition to what they have, to make up the differences financially. When they came in a few days ago, we were able to help them with food, toiletries, and some household items. They were so excited!!!

The B Family & many others we have served recently, want to thank you for all your support as you partner with us to impact lives, like theirs, with Hope In Christ!

In Christ, Pastor Ron Cook, President & CEO, Rushton’s Hope Inc.

Fayette Samaritans:  Fayette Samaritans cares for those in need within our county.

During the months of April and September we join together as a church family and help restock the pantry at Fayette Samaritans.


Southwest Christian Care:  A children’s care center and hospice.

Christian City Children’s Village: Caring for children in need in a safe and christian environment.


Gobalscope Scotland: Meredith McKinney is part of our campus ministry in Edinburgh.

 Mission Connect: Jerry and Mary Sweitzer lead this ministry to Romania.

Look on the Events page of the website for current mission projects.

Community Services


The Boy Scouts are recycling aluminum cans, specifically for a new pinewood derby track. They cost around $3,000 and they have never had the funds to replace a very old wooden track. All other monies received from the can recycling will be used for charity and to offset the cost of scouting for their pack.

Please help the scouts by keeping your aluminum cans then depositing them into the trailer located beside the dumpster in the parking lot here at Christ’s Church at Whitewater. Please encourage friends and family to help with this worthy cause.


During the months of April and September the church family brings in donations for Fayette Samaritans. All donations are greatly appreciated. Extra donations excepted throughout the year. Place your donation in the brown bins located in the adult hall.