My Heart’s Desires

I mentioned Sunday that I initially took an inaccurate view of God’s promise to give me the desires of my heart. Back in the day those desires were more like a wish list presented to Santa at Christmas and my parents on my birthdays. I thought about things I wanted. I thought about status and success. To maintain a spiritual air about my desires I included kingdom things so that I could keep the attention of God. Of course my kingdom things mattered. They were not all self-centered. I’ve always had a heart for lost people. But changing lives and reaching others was just a piece in my heart’s desire pie.

By and large, most of my heart’s desires have gone unfulfilled. They have fallen by the wayside and I hardly consider them any longer. For certain, God has given me the opportunity to touch lives and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful that God ignored my list, for it has caused me to think and approach his truth from a different perspective. That scripture in Psalm 37:4 has taken on such a deeper meaning.

Here’s what it means to me now. Now I realize that my most significant desires are not for things or stature. My most significant desires are for God. Everything that means anything is wrapped up in God and who he is. My significance, self-worth, and even my satisfaction in living, is all found in God…and God alone. When God spoke to Moses at the burning bush and identified himself, he said “I am.”

Today I not only realize, but I embrace the fact that God is. He is all I need. He is all I seek. He is the desire of my heart and the object of my praise. Nothing else compares. Only God and my relationship with him. Not what he can give, but just who he is. And what a marvelous God he is!

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