Getting it Right

I look forward to the second coming of Christ. Surely, most Christians do. In that moment I will meet my Savior face to face and finally find my way home. I will begin to really live as eternity becomes the ultimate qualifier of who I am. I will see God and the place he has prepared for me. I will interact with saints and angels and finally come to a complete understanding of all that caused me to wonder in this lifetime. I look forward to the second coming.

Of course my attitude is a bit self-serving. I tend to see Jesus coming back to retrieve me. His focus is on me and my needs. I suppose that is just the way I am. Maybe not the way I should be, but the way that tends to define me here.

So then I started to look at the second coming from Christ’s perspective. Could it be the ultimate reason for his return is to destroy evil, forever? Satan has had his way for far too long. Sure, mankind has given him power over us as we have turned further and further away from God. But the good times will not last for God’s enemy. When Jesus comes the final battle will be fought and God will reign. Satan will be cast so far from us that his influence will never again be a factor in our lives. And with his demise will go tears, and suffering, and death, and all temptation to sin.

Without Satan and the evil in which he delights, the heavens and the earth will be made new.
Yes, I still will benefit. So will you. But my heart says Jesus isn’t coming just for us. He is coming to finally make all things right. And in that moment, we will get our first taste of paradise.

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