Knocked Down But Restored

Apparently they are the most expensive of pillows…down filled. They also make for expensive coats. My experience was with pillows. When we purchased a sofa and love seat several years ago the pillows that were included were filled with down.  They had a wonderful feel and they looked great. The decorator even showed us how we were to pat down the centers to give them that classic look.  It didn’t take long, however, for the feathers to attempt their escape. Small white feathers began showing up everywhere. Painful quills started poking through.  The pillows lost their appeal. They didn’t look like they did when they were new. They were no longer comfortable.

Beth Ann finally gave up on our pillows and on our back deck, she beat the stuffing out of them. Feathers went everywhere. It looked like a squadron of hawks had attacked a coop of chickens. Neighbors were certain something had died a miserable death.  Eventually we were left with nothing but pillow covers that appeared as if they had been slightly tarred and heavily feathered. We were left with a mess. My task was to remove the remaining feathers in order that the covers might continue their usefulness.  No problem. As I child I had watched my grandfather prepare fresh chickens for the dinner table. I began to pluck away and now we once again have something beautiful…with a different stuffing.

At some point in life we have all had the stuffing knocked out of us as well.  We started off useful. We looked good. We served a noble purpose. But eventually we got a little prickly.  Life just has a way of doing that: beating us down until our stuffing is everywhere. It makes sense. In a world where we are under constant attack it is impossible to make it through intact and unscathed.  From time to time we wind us a mess.

How wonderful then that during those times when our stuffing is knocked out, Jesus comes along to restore us.  He fills us with something better. He remakes us into his very image and gives us a new reason for living. He renews our purpose and reminds us of our true beauty.  In him, our value is increased.

By the way, do you know how to get down off an elephant?  Trick question. You don’t get down off an elephant. You get down off a goose.

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